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Welcome to 175° East - a stunning piece of paradise at Medlands Beach, Great Barrier Island, with three unique and beautiful houses.

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From $400 p/n

SLEEPS 4 + 6



From $350 p/n

SLEEPS 4 + 3


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From $300 p/n

SLEEPS 4 + 4


175° East's three houses are set out on a sprawling north facing 14 acres of native New Zealand bush, with ocean views and interweaving walkways. Each house has its own private and unique setting, close enough to enjoy the beautiful beaches and far enough away for you to escape into your own world, where you have all the ingredients to relax with maximum comfort. 


Be it summer by the beach or winter by the fire, 175 ° East has all the ingredients for a comfortable stay. All the properties have a fireplace (or two) with plenty of wood to enjoy the shoulder and winter seasons. The houses have been designed with simple humble, single-storey principles, communal spaces with indoor outdoor living to make socialisation easy, comfortably balanced with some quiet spaces to lounge and read.  We want you to get away from your normal lives to be in nature and see nature at your own pace. We want you to feel the mountains in the distance, smell the sea and gaze at the stars.

175 ° East has been slowly and meticulously shaped over the years by retired grandparents who share their special sanctuary with those that want to experience a bit of island life. True characters – located at the top of the driveway and purposefully well out of your way - come and say hi to Bob and Lyn... 

Enjoy your stay!

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Rent any of our three houses individually, or for larger groups or events, rent all three at once.

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175 ° East is located in Medlands Beach, Great Barrier Island.

You will feel the pace slow when you step off the ferry or the plane. Great Barrier Island has no mains power - it is generated by the sun - and water is caught on the roofs and re used. Cell coverage is patchy and the best excuse to disconnect. These elements make The Barrier a truly unique place. Not so long ago it could have been described as backwards, but now, arguably, it is well ahead of it time...


"We have had a wonderful time on Great Barrier and have loved relaxing at this great house. Thank you for all the awesome guides and tips and fro providing such a clean, comfortable modern home for us.

We love Great Barrier Island!"


"An amazing house with equally amazing owners! Thank you Bob and Lyn for being so generous the past seven days.

Great Barrier is incredible and the views this house has truly show how beautiful the island is. It was an amazing week and I hope to come here again. 
Thank  you for everything!"


"What a great place to hang out!

Superbly clean, well-appointed, and an outlook you could never get tired of. Supportive, responsive hosts who really want to ensure we had an enjoyable stay.

Thank you."


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